xBhp means Extra Braking Horse Power. It was founded as a small website in 2002 and then it grew to be India’s largest motorcycling community and India’s most popular motorcycling portal. In 2010 xBhp came out with India’s only motorcycling lifestyle print magazine with a special focus on touring and photography. Since 2006 xBhp also has been doing various national and international rides. The motto of xBhp is simple – to be part of history in creating motorcycling the way it will be (and is) in India by ingraining the fact that motorcycling itself can be a lifestyle. The official website for xBhp is here, the Facebook page is here, Twitter is here. If you are out of India, you can buy the xBhp print magazine from here (highly recommended you get a print hard copy), or if you want to read on the iPad / Android, please go to Magzster or the Apple Newsstand.