The Grand Australian Roadtrip Route

Australia is a huge country. And it is sparsely populated. And when I think of Australia, I think MadMax. The vast open rustic expanses’ harmony unsettled by dead straight tarmacs rule the one half of the country. Then you have the highlands of Victoria and New South Wales coupled with the fantastic Tasmania. Even the 20,000 odd kms I will do are nowhere enough to cover this landmass tucked away in a corner of a planet. You can explore the places that I will go on the Ducati Multistrada 1200  over 60 odd days in the map below Zoom in for a better look. If you have a suggestion you can contact me via this page! I am thankful to Best Western Australia for lending a hand with accommodation

Title Address Description
59 Day 64 Sydney 24th June : Ride from Canberra to Sydney (369kms). End of Ride!
58 Day 63 Canberra 23rd June: Ride to Canberra via Tallangatta and Perisher Valley (500kms)
57 Day 62 Albury, New South Wales, Australia 22nd June: Ride to Albury (NSW) from Wangaratta via Mount Buffalo, Bright, Hotham Heights, Omeo, Falls Creek and Mount Beauty. (435kms)
56 Day 61 Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia 21st June: Ride from Melbourne to Wangaratta via Yea and Lake Eildon (345kms)
55 Day 60 Melbourne, Australia 21st June: Ride from Strathgordon to Devonport and catch a ferry on the \"Spirit of Tasmania\" to Melbourne (19.30 PM). 370 kms
54 Day 59 Strathgordon, Tasmania 19th June: In Strathgordon, Tasmania
53 Day 58 Strathgordon, Tasmania 18th June: Ride to Strathgordon from Hobart (156kms)
52 Day 57 Hobart, Tasmania 17th June: Ride from Hobart to Bicheno via Lake Leake (225kms).
51 Day 56 Bicheno, Tasmania 16th June: Arrive at 6 AM on the ferry at Devonport, then ride to Bicheno via Harford, Frankford, Exeter and St Leonards. (328 kms)
50 Day 55 Devonport,TAsmania Take the 19.30 PM overnight ferry on \"Spirit Of Tasmania\" to Devonport.
49 Day 53 and 54 Melbourne,Australia 13th and 14th June: In Melbourne
48 Day 52 Melbourne,Australia 12th June: Ride from Lorne to Melbourne(143kms)
47 Day 51 Lorne 11th JUne: Ride from Port Campbell to Lorne (163)
46 Day 50 Port Campbell 10th June: Ride from Portland to Port Campbell (164kms)
45 Day 49 Portland, Victoria, Australia 9th June: Take Ferry from Kangaroo Island to Cape Jervis (08.30AM) and then ride to Portland via Adelaide (630kms)
44 Day 47 and 48 Kangaroo Island Ride from Adelaide to Cape Jervis (100 kms) to catch the ferry at 9 AM to Kangaroo Island. Stay at Kangaroo Is. on 8th June.
43 Day 44 to 46 Adelaide Jun 4th: Ride from Port Augusta to Adelaide (208kms). And then stay in Adelaide on 5th and 6th June.
42 Day 43 Balladonia, Western Australia, Australia Australia\'s Longest Straight Road (146kms) starts here!
41 Day 43 Port Augusta 3rd June: Norseman to Port Augusta (1668kms). I hope to do my first Iron Butt Saddle Sore (by happen-chance, not really by choice!)
40 Day 42 Norseman 2nd June: Ride from Esperance to Norseman (203 kms)
39 Day 41 Esperance, Western Australia, Australia June 1st: Ride from Albany to Esperance (480 kms)
38 Day 40 Albany, Western Australia, Australia 31st May : Ride from Augusta to Albany (343 kms)
37 Day 39 Augusta, Western Australia, Australia 30th May : Ride from Perth to Augusta (356kms)
36 Day 33 to 38 Perth In Perth from 24th May to 29th May
35 Day 32 Perth 23rd May: Ride from Geraldton to Perth (432 kms)
34 Day 31 Geraldton 22nd May : Ride from Carnarvon to Geraldton (479kms)
33 Day 30 Carnarvon 21st May: Ride from Karratha to Carnarvon (639kms)
32 Day 29 Karratha 20th May: In Karratha
31 Day 28 Karratha 19th May: Ride from Broome to Karratha (832kms)
30 Day 27 Broome 18th May: Ride to Broom from Halls Creek (684kms)
29 Day 26 Halls Creek 17th May: Ride to Halls Creek from Katherin (514 kms)
28 Day 25 Katherine 16th May: Ride from Darwin to Katherin (316 kms)
27 Day 24 Darwin 15th May : In Darwin
26 Day 23 Darwin 14th May: Ride from Katherine to Darwin (316kms)
25 Day 22 Katherine 13th May: Ride to Katherine from Tennant Creek (673 km)
24 Day 21 Tennant Creek May 12th : Ride to Tennant Creek from Alice Springs (508 kms)
23 Day 20 Alice Springs May 11th : Uluru to Alice Springs (463kms)
22 Day 19 Uluru 10th May in Uluru, the center of Australia
21 Day 18 Uluru 9th May in Uluru, the center of Australia
20 Day 17 Uluru 8th May: Ride to Uluru from Alice Springs (463 kms)
19 Day 16 Alice Springs 7th May : In Alice Springs
18 Day 15 Alice Springs May 6th :Ride from Tennant Creek to Alice Springs (508 kms)
17 Day 14 Tennant Creek 5th May Ride from Mount Isa to Tennant Creek (661 kms)
16 Day 13 Mount Isa 4th May : Ride from Hughenden to Mount Isa (550 kms)
15 Day 12 Hughenden 3rd May: Ride from Charters Towers to Hughenden (250 kms)
14 Day 11 Charters Towers 2nd May Ride from Airlie Beach to Charters Towers (353 kms)
13 Day 10 Airlie Beach 1st May At Airlie Beach
12 Day 9 Airlie Beach 30th April At Airlie Beach
11 Day 8 Airlie Beach 29th April: Ride from Rockhampton to Airlie Beach (477 kms)
10 Day 7 Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia April 28th : Ride to Rockhampton from Maryborough via Biloela and Duluu (526 kms).
09 Day 6 Maryborough, Queensland, Australia April 27th: Ride to Maryborough from Brisbane via Mount Nebo, Wivenhoe Dam and Somerset Dam. (426 km)
08 Day 5 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia April 26th: Ride to Brisbane from Tweed Heads via Murwillumbah, Mount Tamborine and Beenleigh (188 kms).
07 Day 4 Tweed Heads West, New South Wales April 25th : Ride to Tweed Heads from Lismore via Casino, Lions Road, Beaudesert and Mount Warning.(323 kms)
06 Day 3 Lismore, New South Wales, Australia April 24th : Ride to Lismore from Port Macquarie via Hernani and Grafton.(450 kms).
05 Day 2 Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia April 23rd : Ride to Port Macquarie from Raymond Terrace via Gloucester, Walcha and Wauchope. (Bucketts Way, Thunderbolts Way and Oxley Highway) (426 kms).
04 Day 1 Raymond Terrace, Australia April 22nd : Ride to Raymond Terrace from Sydney (204 kms).
02 Day 0 Sydney, Australia 21st April: In Sydney.