Fuelling a passion and doing something different requires lot of commitment and risk. But that’s what we do at xBhp, which has been India’s largest platform for motorcycling since a decade now. Fortunately, there are companies out there with terrific individuals who understand this. Most of the times there are rejections to the companies that we approach for enabling a mammoth ride like this, however each rejection teaches us something and motivates us to do better. We are delighted to work with some of the best companies in the world, determined to create something extraordinary and inspirational. Here is a brief low down on our partners so far. We are constantly looking for companies who understand the passion actively. If you think your company can support this ride, please do get in touch with us here.

Shell Advance Motorcycle Oils are the main sponsor. They have been working Ducati worldwide to make better engine oils to ensure the powerful machines perform their best in all conditions. However mundane that may sound, it is actually the only thing which a biker needs to worry about, other than that corner ahead. If your bike’s OK, you are OK and your trip is OK! The last thing we want is to get stranded in the Nullarbor plains of Western Australia with the nearest city 500 kms away!

Then there is Ducati. Does this brand even need an introduction? I will quote from my video documentary which I did last year on my ride from Dubai to Italy (Mission Red Planet):

Their meditation is strapping a helmet and shunning out all the extraneous noise but that of the motor below them. They are almost cyborgs, with the motorcycles often acting as extensions of their arms. They get a high when they open the petrol cap for a refuel just before the tank runs dry. For them Ducati Red is the only red that exists in this world. I was lucky and honored to be a drop in this ocean and I truly hope and pray to keep doing kilometer after kilometer and discover each nook and corner of the blue planet and turn it red…

Best Western Australia is also helping out in accommodation. Though I would have loved to camp but the military like schedule that I chalked out for myself in these 20,000 kms will require me to flat out on images, videos, blogging and there is nothing better that to have a nice room shielded from the elements so that I can have my electronics nicely spread out, and then of course a good night’s sleep!, a leading worldwide online motorcycle accessories retailer will be providing Sunny with the latest all weather cameras and communication devices which will enable him to take photos and videos from unique angles on his journey and also stay connected with the world while on the move using advanced motorcycle-phone communication devices. 

Pirelli Australia are the tyre partners for the ride. The Multistrada 1200 packs a lot of punch and with a lot of straight roads in Australia coupled with some off roading and some hard mountain riding on an overloaded bike, I will be need a few set of tyres for sure! I will be using the specially developed Scorpion Trail, though Pirelli also has the Angel ST tyres only for road use! 

Adobe is providing me with their spanking new and awesome Creative Cloud Subscription where I can access all sorts of magic software on the go, especially Lightroom and Photoshop. I will also be using Dreamweaver to maintain this website, which I have created myself (I was a graphic designer a decade ago).

Dell Alienware AW14MX laptop with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of space wil be the device to bind all of the photos, videos and blogs for this trip!

San Disk is providing me with their top of the line Extreme Pro cards which will ensure that I can record full HD videos without skipping a frame!

Australian Motorcycle Magazine will be be featuring this roadtrip in their great magazine!