The Grapher

Hello G’Day!
My real name is Sundeep Gajjar, but most people call me Sunny. If you ask me, I would like to be called as the MotoGrapher, since that handle describes what I do – ride motorcycles (sometimes drive cars) and take pictures.

My excuse to ride to do photography. My excuse to do photography is to ride. They go hand in hand.

It was back in 2001 when I got my first two-wheeler, a scooter. An accident on it made me progress to a two wheeler with a much better CoG (Center Of Gravity) – a motorcycle.

Since then, by happenchance, I also founded India’s largest motorcycling community and portal at In 2010, xBhp came out with it’s national print magazine on lifestyle motorcycling too.

From 2006, I have been doing roadtrips around different countries and motorcycles. A brief ride-O-graphy can be seen on my personal website.

I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be in a ‘job’ that is also my passion. I credit this to the rare mixture of the right kind of people and environment in my family, friends and the various corporates that have understood my passion and commitment towards producing better quality photos on my rides whilst nurturing xBhp.

My personal goal and desire, or fancy if you may call it like that, is to become one of the ‘best’ motorcycle and car travel photographers internationally. What do you mean by ‘best’? I don’t know, it’s just in my head and it’s just something I want to DO.

Ducati has been more than a bike to me. It is like my family. It has treated me as part of its own. Never spoiling me, but always motivating to do better and achieve more with a motorcycle and a camera. They make bikes, which are a delight for both the motorcyclist and photographer in me. No two ways about that one. Many of my memorable rides have been on Ducatis.

Here are some photos that I took of a few Ducatis in my previous rides. My aresenal this time includes the fantastic two Canon bodies,  70-300mm, 14mm,  Canon 24-105, a Speedlite with remote trigger and a couple of GoPros.

Besides this I am also taking a motorised slider with a heavy duty tripod that should allow me to take self photos and videos on the ride.

On a personal level, I hope, as always, that I am able to complete this journey around the fantastic country / continent of Australia and live up to the many expectations that I am subjected to – the companies that have understood me and xBhp. The most ‘pressing’ expectations come from my friends and motorcyclists in India who follow xBhp and my travels. I feel I have a responsibility of doing each ride successfully and to the best of my ability for them, and for India.

I will need not only luck, but also your best wishes for this endeavor. Please leave your message here. Or if you are on Facebook, please add me to keep yourself updated of my rides (with a small introduction of yours so that I know who you are as the first step of being a ‘friend’ in the true sense of the word.).

The Moto

Tt’s not a bike, it’s the bike: The Ducati Multistrada 1200 T.

Futuristic, fast, adaptable, ravishingly photogenic. A Ducati. These are the worlds which sum up my dream ride for me. The first time I rode the new MultiStrada was on the Maharashtran country roads in South West India. It blew me away. I narrowly missed a chance of riding the MultiStrada on my first brush with Ducatis in 2010, on The Great Italian Roadtrip.

Since then I have ridden the MTS various places, the most memorable being from Dubai to Italy and around Japan.

The power characteristics of Multistrada 1200 T are designed in a configuration that delivers a smoother and more user-friendly throttle response. Active safety is already available with the advanced ABS system  but in Touring mode it is further enhanced by increasing DTC intervention to a level specifically intended for a relaxing ride, and, on the “S” version, the suspension automatically dials-in a setting ideal for long distance journeys, ensuring maximum comfort for both the rider and passenger and making every mile an absolute pleasure.  Characterised by the ABS and DES by Ohlins systems, the “S” Touring edition focuses on comfort and cargo for long-distance travel with handy heated grips, 57 litres of stylish side luggage and a centre stand for practically.

I am getting a Titanium Gray bike this time (same as my Japan roadtrip):