Photo Of The Day

Mission Complete: 23456 KMS Done!


The Waterproof man!

Move over Batman and Superman. The Waterproof Man is here! During a break in rain in Melbourne!


Conjure Me a Trip!

As a traveller I wish of a land which is undiscovered and has things never seen. Perhaps a couple of generations hence would be able to ride on alien worlds. For the time being a virtual one should suffice. This photo was taken today morning in Kangaroo Island while approaching the Remarkable Rocks. The dragons were made by me in 3D Studio MAX 8 years ago. The castle has been taken from mysticmorning’s deviantart page. Edited and composed in Photoshop. Everything except these two elements is real!


Kangaroo Island TT!

Kangaroo Island was wonderful for me. I did 300+ kms of this seemingly small island and saw some great vistas. The roads were phenomenally devoid of vehicular traffic, it seemed even more sparse than the northern outback! The whole setting seemed like a racetrack with winding roads and amazing coastal scenery. If they want they could well arrange a Kangaroo Island TT for 250CC bikes here!



Early morning ride with Ducati Owners Club of South Australia from Adelaide towards Cape Jervis. Thanks again to everyone!


17000KMS Done. 6000 to go. Shot today in Kangaroo Island.

17000KMS Done. 6000 to go. Shot today in Kangaroo Island.17000

Thanks to Ducati Owners Club of South Australia

A big Thanks to Ducati Owners Club of South Australia for the wonderful and warm welcome in Adelaide. The true Ducati family spirit shines through. Special thanks to Michael and Mick for arranging everything! The red hearts of gold!



16000KMS. And Rollin’.


Summary so far.


Track to Heaven.

Shot just before Esperance.