From the Road!

City Fighter.

Got the Streefighter for a day in Perth. Here are a couple of shots so far, this bike looks so amazing!



Beam Me up Scotty!

Today was another 900 kms day. The benefits of riding in the night in Australia seem to outweigh the hazards of it. Or so I would like to conveniently think. But when you find yourself in the outback with skies like this and a half moon showing you the way with cool breeze blowing the clouds in the sky, it is more than worthwhile to be suspicious of every shrub on the roadside to be a kangaroo or a wallaby. Beam Me Up, Scotty – is all I can say! Shot a couple of hours ago from this posting 100 kms before Halls Creek in Western Australia at 8 PM in the night. Self shot using a Canon 5D M3 with a 14mm 2.8 Canon on a Gorillapod.


Who’s the Daddy!

I got a chance to ride the insane Diavel again and finally I saw what I must look like riding the Multistrada! And doesnt that FOTOS plate look sweet! Thanks to Pravin and Pat for a great day yesterday in Alice Springs!


Friends with the Devil for One Day!

Here in Alice Springs, I found the perfect accomplice. A new Indian friend, Pravin, and his mate, Pat, who owns a Diavel.What next? We head out to the beautiful Standley Chasm as an excuse to a ride! Here are a couple of photos from today as teasers:


chair chasedbydevil

18000 Kms to Go!


Gods Must be Crazy!





So you need a 150 HP bike to carry your stuff? :D I met this guy, Andre, from France cycling from Melbourne to Darwin on a cycle. More at


No fuel?

No Fuel. In the middle of Barkly Homestead and Camoweeal.


This is too slow for this mate!

Click on the thumbnail below to view the complete panorama.


From Dusk to Dawn : Northern Territory Edition

From Dawn to Dusk. A frame extract from a self video today at sunset just before Tennant Creek.dawntodusk2