The Grand Australian Roadtrip: Summary Page


The Grand Australian Roadtrip, put very simply and honestly, is a ride celebrating the innate desire that we riders have to ride a motorcycle on open highways under a blue sky. About having that freedom to stop when we want, where we want. The feeling of opening the helmet lid to let the cool wind hit your face and the scent of the pines invigorate you. That’s what it is, this road-trip. That and because it is cool to think you are MadMax for 23,000 kms!

I started the ride on 22nd April 2013 from Sydney and will end it on 25th June 2013 back in Sydney, hopefully avoiding the Kangaroos. I post two kinds of blogs: InstaPhotos which I take and upload right from the spot using my phone. And the photoblogs, which I post back when I reach the room for the night. You can view all the InstaPhotos on this page, or use this page to view all my updates. The main blogs are below:


Prepping and Ready to Go!


Day 1 : A 250 kms warm up ride!


Day 2 : April 23rd: Northward to Brisbane!


Day 3 : Further North through the World’s Smallest Motorcycle Museum


Day 4: 25th April: Lismore to Tweed Heads

Day 5 : 26th April 2013 : 1000 Kms first service at Brisbane



Day 7 : April 28th : Maryborough to Rockhampton

Day 11 : April 29th : Rockhampton to Airlie Beach

Day 11 : May 2nd : Airlie Beach to Charters Towers


Day 12 : May 3rd : Charters Towers to Mt.Isa

Day 14 : May 5th : Mt.Isa to Tennant Creek

Day 15: Tennant Creek to Alice Springs : The Outback Magic


Day 17: May 8 : Alice Springs to Uluru : Centralia!


Day 19: May 10 : Uluru to Alice Springs

Day20: May11: The Chasm