Day20: May11: The Chasm


I found an expected friend in Alice Springs – Praveen. He hailed from Mumbai and was interested in motorcycles. I least expected to find someone I could match my frequencies to in the middle of the outback. Praveen introduced me to Patrick who was riding a Diavel. What next? A ride of course! Alice Springs in unexpectedly beautiful. Most people would think that a city like Alice Springs in the outback would have nothing. This was far from true. We rode out to a place called Standley Chasm, a sub-hour ride through some beautiful rustic landscapes brought us to this deep spectacular gorge formed by tricking water over thousands of years.

The two beasts with the same heart:


Standley Chasm:

alicesprings_standleychasm_-2 alicesprings_standleychasm_-3

You just gotta love that 3/4 rear:

alicesprings_standleychasm_-4 alicesprings_standleychasm_-5

Patrick tries out the Multistrada for a while:


Beautiful rustic landscapes


Patrick follows me on the road to Standley Chasm

DCIM100GOPRO DCIM100GOPRO alicesprings_standleychasm_-10 alicesprings_standleychasm_-11

On the left is Praveen, a very warm individual who also became my good friend.


Yes, we found an old CHAIR besides the highway, this was not setup at all, except moving the chair in the middle of the road!

alicesprings_standleychasm_-13 alicesprings_standleychasm_-14 alicesprings_standleychasm_-15 alicesprings_standleychasm_-16

In the evening we fed some rock wallabies, seemed cute here but they can be dangerous for motorcyclists on the roads!

alicesprings_standleychasm_-17 alicesprings_standleychasm_-18 alicesprings_standleychasm_-19

Pravin also took me to this old Saloon cafe which was decorated with great love and thoughtfulness, you would not expect these kind of places in a town like Alice Springs

alicesprings_standleychasm_-20 alicesprings_standleychasm_-21 alicesprings_standleychasm_-22 alicesprings_standleychasm_-23 alicesprings_standleychasm_-24 alicesprings_standleychasm_-25 alicesprings_standleychasm_-26 alicesprings_standleychasm_-27 alicesprings_standleychasm_-28 alicesprings_standleychasm_-29 alicesprings_standleychasm_-30 alicesprings_standleychasm_-31 alicesprings_standleychasm_-32 alicesprings_standleychasm_-33 alicesprings_standleychasm_-34