Day 17: May 8 : Alice Springs to Uluru : Centralia!

NOTE: This blog is from the day : May 8th 2013.

Starting from Anzac Hill at Alice Springs in the morning.



alicesprings_uluru-16 alicesprings_uluru-15 alicesprings_uluru-14 alicesprings_uluru-13 alicesprings_uluru-12


En route I meet this crazy Belgian couple cycling where else!, in the middle of nowhere!



And then met this fine young bloke, all of 19, who came down from UK and bought this bike to a major chunk of Australia by himself.

alicesprings_uluru-18 alicesprings_uluru-17


And some posing time!



You could ride sonnets here all day long, the landscape is like an empty canvas just waiting to be filled.


Checked into this fine resorts in the middle of the desert, aptly names Sails in the Desert.


alicesprings_uluru-2  alicesprings_uluru-36

Met up with a couple of young Indians working here. They were from west Delhi.




Uluru and Olgas are one of the icons of Australia and no pan Australia trip can be complete without seeing these two natural ‘rocks’.

alicesprings_uluru-34 alicesprings_uluru-33 alicesprings_uluru-32

Seen in the mirror is The Olgas (Kata Kjuta) which is a collection of 36 domes. The Olgas is around 50 kms from Uluru and both are a sight to behold at  sunset!

alicesprings_uluru-31 alicesprings_uluru-30 alicesprings_uluru-29 alicesprings_uluru-28 alicesprings_uluru-27 alicesprings_uluru-26 alicesprings_uluru-25 alicesprings_uluru-24

Below is Uluru, it is of great spiritual significance to the Aboriginal people of Australia.


One of the most interesting things about Australia are its trees. One could spend a lifetime shooting and documenting the various tree shapes while deriving philosophical meanings inferred from their infinite shapes. Here is one I found near Olgas.

alicesprings_uluru-9 alicesprings_uluru-8

The Indian flag at Centralia


Yes, thats the Alienware laptop which is responsible for everything you see here.

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