Day 14 : May 5 : Mt Isa to Tennant Creek : Further into the Center

NOTE: This blog was for May 5th. I will be updating the website as usual from my phone and DSLR. So keep coming back for more new stuff here!

Mt Isa lookout:


Mt Isa is a city which came into existence because of the vast amount of mineral deposits found in this region. The urbanscape is dominated by a couple of towers / chimneys spewing smoke more often than not. It is practically located in the  middle of the outback as a few other such Australian cities.



On the way to Tennant creek you can spots thousands of such termite mounds.




And carcasses of animals, many of which are roadkills:


At the Queensland and Northern Territory border. The NT had no speed limits before 1st Jan 2007. Now it has 130 kmph, which is frankly not enough to allow the brain to maintain a full attentive state because after a while it feels you are almost standing still even at those speeds on these insane straights.

mtisa_tennantcreek_-10 mtisa_tennantcreek_-11

A permanent signboard besides an outback two house settlement, probably erected as many unprepared travelers used to run out of fuel in the middle of this outback highway. However, a lot of boards have been erected at the end of each roadhouse or settlement to inform travelers when they will get the next service.


The soil is almost red as mars here!



Interesting diffractive / refractive effects caused by the sun and the clouds high up in the sky.



Reaching Tennant Creek towards the sunset I found this off road leading to a collection of rocks called Kunjarra (The Pebbles).



The Pebbles.

mtisa_tennantcreek_-16 mtisa_tennantcreek_-17 mtisa_tennantcreek_-18 mtisa_tennantcreek_-19



These are a  couple of frame extracts from a self video taken at sunset (the video will make it into the final documentary which will be developed post the ride):

mtisa_tennantcreek_-1 mtisa_tennantcreek_-2


With the sun gone, the landscape loses its fiery charm.