Everyone needs a Hero.

My almost week long stay in Perth will end tomorrow. Meanwhile I have been utilizing the splendid South Perth shorefront to bring out some of my key idols along with Ducatis. So I dressed up as Batman and got Arnie from a Toyshop for a few pics. Arnie will be traveling with me for the rest of the trip on his Diavel, while I might dress up as Batman if any city needs me on the way…

I must give back this city even more. True.

Batman for me is one of my idols. I draw inspiration and hope from this character. He inspires me to live larger than life and he gives me hope to find strength and character to overcome life’s obstacles. A few instances in my life are also common with his storyline, hence the stronger connect. The best part is that he does not have superpowers which would totally detach his character from reality. He is also very fragile and human at the same time, battling with emotional outages. The bike in the picture is the Ducati Panigale. Without going overboard I must say it is one of the most ‘engaging’ motorcycles I have ever ridden – visually, aurally and of course riding. Thanks to Jit Thakar for giving me company today! This is me dressed as Batman overlooking the Perth skyline. There are more photos coming up!

The second of my idols. I grew up watching Arnold movies, especially the Terminator II and his HD cameo in it. This man got what he wanted from life. From a nondescript town in Austria to the world’s best bodybuilder to one of the most famous hollywood blockbuster heroes to being in the US politics. This photo is constituted by two scaled down models. I think the Diavel is a muscle bike which would complement his stature and aura.